Monday, July 11, 2005

The desire for power.

What kind of people are drawn to positions of power? What kind of leadership and direction comes from such people within large democratic and/or aristocratic civilizations?

Here's a close look at one such person in a paper by Katherine Yurica entitled "Everything You Need to Know About Michael Ledeen"

Understanding the ideals-ethics-morals-values of a particular civilization (civil order) AND understanding the genetic imperatives of our species seems to be a prerequisite for working out not only which civil order might best benefit our species and life as a whole, but also in understanding the direction in which existing or even hypothetical civilizations are likely evolve.

Different civilizations inspire/direct people in different ways even though our genetic predispostions remain the same. It seems meritocratic civilization is perhaps the best structure for directing the natural genetic inclinations of our species toward the greatest good of our species.

Further analysis of meritocratic civil order: "Meritocracy", "The broad strokes on a worn canvas", "A civil system for the determination of merit and management"


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